How to know your skin type?

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Sometimes you hardly figure out what product to buy for your skin type. Especially for products that are used at the most exposed parts of your body like, face, arms, and legs.  It is hard to choose between products especially when you see labels that say “For dry skin”, “Made for sensitive skin”, and you find it difficult to know …

What will happen when your skin loses collagen and Elastin

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Collagen and Elastin are two different components that are important to your skin. It both functions as a binding material to keep your muscle, skin, and ligaments together. But as people age, both the collagen and elastin lessens its production. And it is important to know how important it is not only in your skin to maintain the balanced amount …

Niacinamide Vs Hyaluronic Acid

Niacinamide vs Hyaluronic Acid, Which is Better?

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At a time where makeup trends come and go, having youthful-looking skin never goes out of style. Many types of skincare routines have popped up in the market. More specifically, different variants of injectable skincare have grown in popularity.  For a more holistic skin glow, serums and creams are sometimes not enough. You need to go skin-deep. That’s why injectable …

Popular Fillers in Asia

Top 5 Most Popular Fillers in Asia

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As the idea of youthful-looking skin has grown in popularity, many options regarding skincare have popped up in the market. Aside from the typical creams and serums, injectable skincare and fillers have become viable options for women who look to have a deeper level of skin rejuvenation.  There are a couple of well-known filler brands out there, with their own …